United States of America - new world wine

96% of USA wine is produced in California. The Californian climate varies from north to south of the region but throughout the state they are renowned for their long, dry summers. The proximity of the sea also affects the style of the wine produced but generally all Californian wines have ripe fruit flavours and are easy to drink.

California is the fourth largest wine producer in the world, after France, Italy and Spain. California is loved for both red and white wines and most of the UK’s rosé consumption is produced in the USA with White Zinfandel being the most popular style.


Crisp with lively tropical fruit.

Lightly oaked, this crisp, dry white balances tropical flavours of melon, pineapple and honeysuckle with a light crisp acidity.


Bursting with summer fruit.

A light bodied, medium sweet rosé, full of summer fruit pudding flavours with a hint of white pepper to finish.

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