Australia - new world wine


The first vineyards in Australia were planted near Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1788. Today winemakers in Australia use about 130 different grape varieties and their vineyards cover a total of 170,000 hectares, that’s similar to 170,000 football pitches.

Due to its warm and sunny climate, Australia is renowned for producing world-class wines that are full of flavour. With a wine to suit every taste, mood or meal, it’s no wonder Australia is the fourth largest exporter of wine.

South Eastern Australia

Full flavoured, dry and fruity.

This dry white has tropical fruit and peach flavours with a little oak providing a buttery-vanilla finish.

South Eastern Australia

Rich, spicy and fruity.

This spicy, peppery red has full fruit flavours of blackberry and blueberry with a hint of eucalyptus on the finish.

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